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About RV Tournament

RV Tournament was developed by Michael Ferrier at IronZog LLC. It grew out of a desire to help people reach their full potential. (As well as from listening to way too much Coast to Coast AM).

This app is free to use and has no advertising. My hope is to eventually be able to apply predictions made by players toward predicting real world events. If that proves feasible, then I would like to 1) Run a pre-registered experiment betting money on future events for several months, 2) Publish a scientific paper describing the results of that experiment, 3) Foster a “gig economy” of remote viewing by connecting skilled remote viewers with clients looking to accurately predict future events.

Right now I’m running a pilot experiment applying the predictions made by RV Tournament players to guide a small stock market investment each day. If this is successful, I would like to scale it up and use the proceeds to offer compensation to more of RV Tournament’s most skilled remote viewers.

The goal of all of this is to bring RVing — the ability to connect to the spiritual aspect of our own nature, and the idea that there is a spiritual aspect to our nature — further out into mainstream consciousness and everyday life.

If you find any bugs or have a question or comment, you can write the developer at:

Thanks for being part of RV Tournament!