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Asking for Information

Once you’ve set your intention to connect with a particular target, you’ll need to, in some way, ask or intend to receive impressions of that target. In RV Tournament, that can be as simple as imagining yourself looking at your phone (or whatever device you use) when the target feedback image with those coordinates arrives at the end of the round. That’s a good way to get general impressions of the target, for a quick remote viewing session that can easily be enough to choose the best match among the two image choices you’ll be shown.

If you have the time and the interest, you may want to try out a more detailed, methodical system for extracting individual features and details from the target. This is the type of protocol that was developed for C.I.A. remote viewers. It involves setting your intention to receive information about one specific feature at a time. 

For example, you might begin by asking whether the target involves any feeling of movement, such as flying, spinning, or falling. After a short while of being open to receive any impressions in response to that, you might go on to the next, asking whether the target is natural or man made. Then you might ask whether it involves land, water, both, or mountains? Is there a structure? A life form? What colors are part of it? What textures? Are there any impressions of temperature? Smell? Taste? Is it emanating energy in any way? Roughly how large or small is it? You could then go on to make a series of sketches of any visual impressions you receive, and then ask these same sorts of specific questions for the elements depicted in your sketches.

This kind of detailed, systematic approach can be useful for getting a lot of information about a target. If you have the time and interest, you might find that it improves your results in RV Tournament. Again, however, it is by no means necessary for RV Tournament’s relatively simple task of distinguishing which of two images is the correct target.