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Independent Jury Judging 

By default, RV Tournament uses self judging – that is, after remote viewing the target image, you are shown two image choices and asked to choose the one that best matches the impressions you received. 

Self judging has the advantage that it’s completely under your own control, but it also has the disadvantage that you are exposed to both images — the correct target and the incorrect choice — which makes it more likely that you will inadvertently receive information about the incorrect image choice when remote viewing.

To help address this common problem, RV Tournament includes several optional variations on self judging that make it possible to select from the two image choices without necessarily seeing the complete incorrect image choice. For example, you can be shown the image choices in a scrambled form, or as text descriptions. You can choose one of these options from the Judging Type menu on the Account page. 

The only way to completely avoid seeing the incorrect image choice (and so avoid accidentally RVing your future experience of seeing it) is to let others do the judging for you. This is now possible in RV Tournament by selecting Independent Jury from the Judging Type menu on the Account Page.

Before you submit an entry using the Independent Jury judging type, make sure to write down detailed notes or sketches in the app, of the remote viewing impressions that you receive. Once you submit your notes, there’s nothing else for you to do until feedback arrives the next day — your notes/sketch will be compared to the two image choices, and judged for how well it matches them, by others. 

Judging Independent Jury Entries

RV Tournament relies on the members of our community to judge Independent Jury entries. Judging entries is a valuable contribution for the RV Tournament users who benefit from remote viewing without receiving information about the incorrect image choice, and for the experimental research data RV Tournament collects, which may lead to a better understanding of psychic phenomena. Judges also often find it fascinating and insightful to look over the notes and sketches that come out of other peoples’ remote viewing sessions!

Anyone who has entered at least 10 rounds of RV Tournament themselves can be a judge. You can judge a round’s entries even if you’ve entered that same round yourself, because RV Tournament picks a different pair of images for each user who submits an Independent Jury entry, so your own target image is unlikely to be one of the image choices of any of the entries that you judge.

To begin judging, select Judging from the menu to go to the Judging Page. Here you will see your Judging Score and Rank (just a fun way to keep track of your contribution to the judging effort over the past 90 days), the number of entries available to be judged (each user can judge up to 10 entries per day), and the “Judge an Entry” button (if any are available).

To begin judging an entry, tap the “Judge an Entry” button. You will then be shown the notes/sketch of another user’s entry. You can swap back and forth between the sketch and the round’s two image choices using the “Notes” and “Image Choices” tabs. Examine the sketch and read any notes carefully, and compare them with both image choices. Look for any colors, shapes, or other features that the sketch may have in common with either image choice. Then move the slider beside the image choices to indicate your confidence in the match between the sketch and either image, just as you would when submitting your own entry. If the sketch has nothing in common with either image choice, or has the same amount in common with both, you can enter 0 confidence. But usually, the sketch will have at least some features more in common with one than the other. Use your judgement, and take the process as seriously as if you were matching your own RVed impressions against the image choices.

Once you’re comfortable with the confidence value you’ve chosen, tap the checkmark to submit your judgement. You will then be returned to the Judgement Page, where you can choose to judge another entry if you’d like.

Once in a while someone will submit an entry that is offensive or inappropriate (clearly not a serious attempt at remote viewing). When judging such an entry, you can tap the flag button to report it. Once several judges have flagged an entry, it will be removed from consideration.

Judging Score and Rank

Every contribution you make to the judging effort in RV Tournament is valuable. If you like to keep track of stats, you might find it fun to follow your judging score and rank. You can see these on the Judging Page. You can also see a list of the top scoring judges on the Top Judges tab.

Your judging score is updated each day when a trial closes that you have judged any entries for. For each entry you’ve judged, your score can go up or (rarely) down. How many points you earn for an entry you judge is based on how closely your judgement matches the average of the judgements that other people gave that same entry. This is to encourage judges to be careful and perceptive, so that their judgements are more likely to match the judgements of others fairly well. Your judging score will therefore reflect how many entries you’ve judged, and how closely your judgements have lined up with the judgements of others, over the past 90 days.