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RV Tournament is a different kind of multiplayer game. Instead of relying on strategy or quick reflexes, players use their ability to perceive beyond the body’s familiar senses. Remote viewing is a way of using our natural extrasensory perception, by following a specific protocol that makes it accessible to anyone. We all have these abilities, to varying degrees; the remote viewing protocol makes it possible for each of us to harness them. RV Tournament is a fun way to recognize, practice, and improve these abilities. You might even win prizes!

 Each day in RV Tournament brings a new round. The goal is to predict what photograph you’ll be shown when the round ends on the next day. This photograph is called the target image. You’ll follow a routine, as explained in the tutorial: you’ll set your intention and then sit quietly for a few minutes, noting or sketching any impressions you receive. Once you’re done, you’ll be shown two images, and asked to choose which one best matches the impressions you received of the target image. At the end of the round you’ll be shown the correct target image, and your score will be adjusted based on how you did. Come back each day for a new round, and you’ll gradually grow both your score, and your ability.

Finally, at the end of each month the top scoring players, both for that month and all-time, will be sent prizes

I hope you’ll find RV Tournament to be an enjoyable (and maybe even profitable) way of developing your hidden natural talents!