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At the end of each month, prizes are sent out to the top ranking players. Prizes can be sent out as PayPal payments or (for players living in the United States) as Amazon gift codes. You can choose your preferred method of delivery on the Account page. To be eligible to receive a prize, make sure you’ve entered a valid e-mail address and selected your country on the Account page.

Right now, the prizes are: $10 to each of the top 10 players for that month, and $10 to each of the 10 top ranking all-time players.

The amount and number of prizes are subject to change at any time. My hope is to increase the prizes as RV Tournament’s player base grows.

No purchase is necessary to win prizes in RV Tournament. In fact, no purchase is possible; RV Tournament is completely free to play. Prizes are sponsored by the developer. They are not sponsored by Apple.