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Receiving Feedback

When each day’s round is finished, that round’s target image becomes available to view in this app. If you participated in the round, you’ll be shown the correct target image on the Feedback page the next time you open the app. You’ll get a notification once the target image becomes available.

It’s important to look at the target image carefully, and to read the set of coordinates printed below it. This is because, during your remote viewing session, you were attempting to connect to your own mind in the future, when looking at the target image associated with these coordinates. So, to complete the loop (and give you something to have remote viewed in the first place), the feedback stage of examining the target image when it’s received is very important.

In fact, when examining the target image, you may find it helpful to think back to your remote viewing session, when you were receiving impressions of this target image. Doing so may help bridge the gap between your mind when it was remote viewing, and your mind later when viewing the target image.

When you’re done viewing the target image, you can close the Feedback page by tapping the check mark in the upper right corner of the page.