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For each player, RV Tournament keeps track of a monthly and an all-time score. These are the scores that greet you when you open the app, and the scores that players are ranked by on the Top Ranks page.

The scores range from 0 through 1000. For each round that you participate in, if you choose the correct target image your scores will increase by an amount proportional to the degree of confidence that you submit for that choice. If you choose the wrong image, your scores will likewise decrease by an amount proportional to your degree of confidence. So, the higher your confidence in your choice, the more points you stand to gain – or lose.

Here’s a detailed explanation of just how the number of points you gain or lose for a round is determined. 

Let’s say your score is 250, and you choose the correct target image for a round, with confidence of 80%. First, divide the confidence percentage by 10, to get +8 points. But then, the number of points gets adjusted based on what your current score is. Because your current score is 250 out of 1000, you will only gain (1000 – 250)/1000 = 75% of those 8 points. So the final figure is +6 points, increasing your score to 256. 

On the other hand, let’s say your score is 250 and you choose the incorrect image, again with a confidence of 80%. Dividing by 10 gives us -8 points. Then we adjust for the current score. Because we are losing points rather than gaining, we adjust by 250/1000 = 25% of those -8 points. So your score would decrease by only 2 points, down to 248. 

The purpose of adjusting the point change based on your current score is so that, over time, each player’s score will roughly represent what percentage of rounds they get right. The score of a player who, on average, gets 40% of rounds correct will level off around 400, while the score of a player who averages 60% correct will level off around 600.

The monthly score and the all-time score are both calculated in the same way, with the one exception that the monthly score is reset to 0 at the beginning of each month.

You can see lists of the top monthly and all-time scoring players on the Top Ranks page. Note that, for a player to be eligible to appear in the all-time ranks, they need to have played at least one round within the current month.