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Your Account

On the Account page, you can change your username and email address, and select your country. Your username is what shows up in the lists of top ranks. Your email address is where your prize is sent, if you’re one of the month’s top ranking players.

Judging Type

The ‘Judging Type’ option allows you to choose between several different ways of self-judging (or having an independent jury judge) which of two image choices best matches the impressions you received when remote viewing:

The ‘Normal’ option presents the two image choices together. 

The ‘Descriptions’ option displays text descriptions of the two images choices instead of the images themselves. Judging by descriptions will let you avoid ever seeing the incorrect image choice at all, so you are less likely to pick up impressions of the incorrect choice when remote viewing. The drawback is that you might receive impressions that match aspects of the image that aren’t included in the description.

The ‘Rate Tags’ option presents a list of words and phrases (called ‘tags’). Some of the tags describe an element or aspect of the correct target image, while the rest describe parts of the incorrect image choice. Using the slider below each tag, rate how well that tag matches the impressions you received (that is, how likely the tag describes the correct target image that you remote viewed). Judging by rating tags allows you to select between the two image choices without seeing either one, so you are less likely to pick up impressions of the incorrect choice when remote viewing. The drawback is that you might receive impressions that match aspects of the image that aren’t included in the tags.

The ‘Scrambled’ option presents the two image choices in scrambled form, as if they had been cut into small squares and rearranged. This way, you can avoid seeing the actual target image until the feedback stage, but will still be able to make out most of the colors and shapes from the scrambled image choices. 

The ‘Independent Jury’ option sends your sketch/notes to other members of the RV Tournament community to do the judging for you. Using this option, you can completely avoid being shown the two image choices, and you will see only the correct target image the next day. You can read more about Independent Jury judging here.

The ‘Description’, ‘Rate Tags’, ‘Scrambled’, and ‘Independent Jury’ options may be worth trying if you find that your remote viewing sometimes produces a good match to the wrong image choice. So far, people have had the most success with the ‘Independent Jury’ and ‘Rate Tags’ judging types.

Prize Delivery

If you’re one of the top ranking players at the end of a month, you’ll be sent a prize. You can choose how you’d like to receive that prize, here. If you live in the United States, you’ll have the option to receive your prize as an Amazon gift code. No matter where you live, you’ll have the option to receive your prize as a PayPal payment. There is also the option to waive your prizes, for those who would like to help support RV Tournament.  

Group Name

Normally each player’s correct target image for a round is determined randomly. Because of this, two players may not have the same correct target image. Normally that’s not a problem, but it can be if two players who are close (for example friends or significant others) have different target images. In those cases, details about one player’s target image will sometimes show up in the other player’s RV session; two players who are close often seem to share a telepathic link! When these two players have different target images, this link can give them information about the wrong image, but if the players have the same target image, the link can actually help them out.

If you are close to someone else who plays RV Tournament, it’s easy to make sure that you both get the same correct target image in each round. To do this, both of you can set your “Group Name” to the same word or phrase. You can choose anything as your group name, just make sure that each person you want to share the same daily target image with also has their Group Name set to the same thing. Group Names are not case sensitive. Note that Group Names only work for players using the Normal or Scrambled judging types; for other judging types each player is assigned a random pair of images.

Only Show Feedback When Correct

Turn on this option if you would prefer to only be shown the correct target image as feedback in rounds where you have chosen the correct image. If you have chosen the incorrect image, you’ll be told that you didn’t get it right, but you won’t be shown the correct target image. This is called the ‘positive feedback protocol’, and is preferred by some remote viewers.

Open Next Round Before Feedback Received

If you enter today’s round, you will receive feedback for that round tomorrow. Normally you will only be able to enter tomorrow’s round after you’ve received the feedback for today’s round. This way, the feedback you receive will always be for the most recent round you’ve entered. However, if you turn on this option, you’ll be able to enter tomorrow’s round several hours before feedback is received for today’s round. This can lead to confusion for some people, when they enter a round and later receive feedback for the round they had entered prior to that one. But others may find that it works better with their schedule.

Creating an Account and Logging In

You can create an RV Tournament account, or connect using your existing Facebook, Google or Apple account. Doing this will allow you to log into the same RV Tournament account on more than one device, and to log back into the same account should you replace or lose access to your device.

If you connect with your Facebook, Google or Apple account, your RV Tournament account will adopt the same username and email address as your account with that service, but you can change those if you’d prefer. Also, if you connect with your Facebook account, your Facebook profile picture will show up in RV Tournament, including in the lists of top ranking players.

If you create an RV Tournament account directly, you can use it on all the platforms that RV Tournament supports. Google and Facebook accounts can also be used on all platforms, but Apple only supports some platforms.

You can always choose to Log Out from your current account, so that you can start fresh with a new account or log in with a different account. If you’ve connected through Facebook, Google, or Apple, you can also choose to disconnect from those services so that you can connect through a different service or directly through RV Tournament (by choosing Create Account or Log In).